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Bekins Northwest
1100 Columbia Parkland Trail
Richland, WA 99352

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Bekins Northwest

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Since we opened in 1904, Bekins Northwest has consistently been one of the best Tri City moving companies. We’ve been trusted to safely relocate thousands of households and businesses around the Tri Cities to destinations all over the world. We are licensed and insured by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission as well as long time members of the American Moving and Storage Association, the Office Moving Alliance, and the International Association of Movers. Our industry leading customer service allows for a smooth and stress free move, no matter the size or distance. Our professional move coordinators, experienced moving crews, and informative office staff will ensure that you have your easiest move ever.


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Rod says:
AVOID Kennewick Transfer and Storage at all costs! Do business with Kennewick Transfer and Storage at your own PERIL! My experience with Kennewick Transfer and Storage was my WORST with a moving company in my 16 year Active Duty ARMY career. The owners’ LACK of care, MISMANAGEMENT of employees, equipment and materials, and INABILITY to provide accurate information in a timely manner are beyond reproach. Professional companies have packed my house in two days. Despite a half day head start, and less goods to pack as items were going to be put in storage, the company FAILED to finish packing my household goods 5 days later. The crews typically worked only half a day because the owner DID NOT provide them with enough material for a full day of packing. The owners also pulled the crews from our job in order to complete jobs for other customers. The company’s TRUCK BROKE down one day and the TRAILER used to haul the crates had a FLAT TIRE two days in a row because it was not rated to haul the load over the long distances it was being used for (as confirmed by Les Schwab). The owner RARELY RETURNED my calls. The Military Point of Contact and the company that contracted Kennewick Transfer and Storage also had DIFFICULTY CONTACTING the owners or receiving return calls from them. After being told by the owners and the contractor the crew would stay until my goods were loaded and crated at my residence, the crew showed up WITHOUT ENOUGH crates, material, or number of crew members promised and with instructions to just pack what they could that night. After helping the crew pack and load my goods until 1am, I met them at 7am that same morning at Kennewick Transfer and Storage (an hour drive) to finish loading my goods into crates. Not only did the company RUN OUT of materials at their place of business, the owner pulled his crews from my job again in order to complete jobs for other customers. When the contractor pleaded with the owners to stay and pack the final 12 items of my job, the owners told the contractor they were done discussing this and they were going to complete the job when and however they wanted to because they had other customers to satisfy. I feel DISCIMINATED against being an Active Duty Military member because the owners know they will get paid by the Government regardless of how BAD of a job they do. I can’t imagine how the company treats other customers, especially Veterans, if this is how he treats an Active Duty Soldier who has served in Iraq, Afghanistan and other deployments. I’m sure the company that contracted Kennewick Transfer and Storage WILL NOT USE THEM again. The best that I can hope for is my experience will be enough for the Military to BAN this company from doing Military moves in the future so another Soldier does not have to go through this experience. I’ve already informed the next Deputy Commander to contact the Military at tell them NOT to use this company when his family arrives. Three weeks after leaving the warehouse and departing the area to meet my Military obligations, the company HAS YET to finish sealing the crates with our belongings and provide us and the contractor with the serial numbers and required paperwork.